When my wife Emma and I found out we were pregnant with our first child, Tycho, we began thinking of fun ways to decorate a baby boy’s room. Since we live in an apartment and aren’t allowed to paint the walls, that meant posters or prints of some kind. And, being artists, we naturally wanted to create those prints ourselves. In the end, we decided to illustrate an alphabet of characters from one of our favorite franchises – Star Wars.

Selecting each letter was a lengthy process. The characters who made the cut are primarily from the Original Trilogy (no Prequel characters here!), with a few from the Expanded Universe of books, comics, and video games. We also tried to keep the illustrations as non-violent as possible (in the words of Wuher, “No blasters!”) for maximum kid-friendliness.

I sketched the basis for each character in pencil, which Emma then rendered and colored in Illustrator – it was very much a collaborative process. The project was her idea, even...man I love having a nerdy wife.


As you probably know if you've found this page, we recently made these illustrations available in book form -- a very limited run of copies which were given out as free thank-you gifts to people who donated to Tycho's college fund. I've been getting a ton of emails lately about this project, so let me address the FAQs here:

We have no plans to continue or relaunch our donation drive at this time. Though we are grateful for the overwhelming response and coverage the project received, with a newborn on hand we simply don't have the time or energy to continue shipping thank-you gifts on a continuing basis.

While we would love to simply make these illustrations available for wider-scale general sale in book or print form, Lucasfilm would probably not look too kindly on that. We would love to offer this project in a more official capacity if there's any interest from Lucasfilm in doing so, but that is probably a long shot at best. Which is fine -- we didn't do this project for commercial reasons.

We likewise cannot release the source files to individuals for their personal use. To simply release source files to the public would demean the uniqueness of what we did for Tycho, and the contributions of those who donated to the drive. As an artist, you can only control your art (and how it's used) when you own it. As soon as you let it out of your grasp, you risk having it misused, altered, redistributed, or bootlegged. It's not that we mistrust the well-meaning people who requested this, but experience has taught us that it pays to play it safe.

Should any of the above change at any point in the future, this page will be the first place to hear about it. If you would like another way to support our art and our new son, you can always check out our other art prints for sale in my online store.

And if your question or comment wasn't answered by the above, you can contact me here. Thanks!